Why Does Your Furnace Filter Get Dirty So Quickly?

The filter clogs up faster when the oven works more frequently. This is because more air is circulated through the filter when the oven goes through more heating cycles, trapping more contaminants in the filter media. The colder it is outside, the quicker the filter will become clogged with dirt. A blocked oven air filter will have a negative impact on airflow throughout the home and HVAC system.

The lack of fresh air in the oven will cause the heat exchanger to overheat and shut off. Dirty filters can also lead to short cycling problems and make it difficult to keep your home warm. We recommend replacing the clogged air filter before the summer season to avoid damage to the air conditioner compressor. Your oven filters are designed to separate dust and other dirt particles from the air circulating in your home.

Dirty or clogged oven filters cannot perform this task efficiently. As a result, more dust and debris will circulate around your home. Have you been neglecting to change your oven filter regularly? The fan may be trying to push air through a filter that is clogged with dirt, dust, hair, and allergens. This can result in higher-than-normal energy bills, premature system wear and contaminated air for your family to breathe.

In all cases, the oven filter must be dirty on the side where air enters the oven. If the air filters are dirty in some other way, it is likely that the oven is not working properly or that the filter has been installed incorrectly. To determine where the filter should be located, take the time to read the oven owner's manual, search the oven online by make and model, or ask an HVAC professional for help. As mentioned earlier, it's more common to see oven filters accumulate dirt, hairs, and dust on the side of the filter that first encounters airflow.

Almost all household heaters that rely on air flow have built-in cleanable filters or are equipped with disposable filters. These products are designed to be installed in your new filter and therefore provide longer lasting scents compared to simply spraying air freshener on your oven filter. In this case, any dirt that the filter could trap never comes into contact with the filter. Keep reading for more details on why ovens have filters, which side of the oven filter should be dirty, and how often to change the oven filter. Given how important oven filters are, especially clean ones, it is essential to understand why they get dirty.

It's important to replace your HVAC filter regularly during both heating and cooling seasons as this is when your boiler and air conditioner work hardest to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. If you've noticed a dirtier than usual HVAC filter and your home doesn't feel as comfortable as it should be, it may be time to call a professional for an expert diagnosis of the problem. It's generally wise to rely on the airflow labels on these pre-installed filters as HVAC professionals have a lot of experience understanding how ovens work. The oven's internal fan is designed to blow air through the HVAC air filter to provide air throughout the home.

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